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Welcome to Investment Gold Inc.
Investment Gold Inc. is a professionally managed group of investors, who work to achieve high stable returns for investors. We diversify our investments between online and offline funds to upkeep the stability of our investment. The Majority of funds invested with Investment Gold Inc. are invested in the Forex trading markets. Investment Gold Inc pays a variable interest payment to members 20% on a trading daily basis during 15 days including principal. We invite you to join us here, at Investment Gold Inc.

What is Investment Gold Inc.
Investment Gold Inc.  is a professionally managed group of investors. We work to achieve the highest returns possible for both ourselves and our investors. We utilize different methods of trading to generate these great returns.
Our Main line of investments is the Forex Market. Over the years we have develloped both skills and techniques to generate the largest possible returns, while minimizing the amount of risk and loss. We trade mainly between the G7 currencies.
A small portion of the funds which are invested are segregated for private ventures such as small businesses.
Overall we have come to the conclusion that we are able to pay all of our investors a steady return 20  percent per day during 15  days including your principal.

Investment Gold Inc. Payment
Investment Gold Inc. will pay you daily interests of 20% on each spend made to us until your investment returns 300%.  Payouts are made to the e-gold account you invested from, 7 days a week, Within 24 Hour of your deposit.
All transactions are handled via e-gold. If you don't have an e-gold account, click here to open your personal account for free. The minimum investment is $1 and the maximum is $15000. You may make additional deposits at any time. There are no administration fees. All deposits must be made in whole US dollar amounts.

Anti -SPAM
We at Investment Gold Inc. do not tolerate SPAM in any of
its forms. Anti-Spam policy violators will have their accounts closed without refunds.

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You will receive your profit once per day, every day, directly in your e-currency account.
You don't need large start-up capital to invest with us. Minimum deposit is only $1
You can invest with us and operate your account from anywhere in the world.
There are no restrictions in regard to your citizenship or country of residence

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